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5 Common Misconceptions About Basement Waterproofing

The misconceptions about basement waterproofing are abundant. Understanding the facts about basement waterproofing can help you make an informed decision. What's clear is that a wet basement is bad for your entire home. According to SANI-TRED Waterproofing Products, about 38% of basements with moisture issues will develop mold. Waterproofing can put an end to the problem. Here are some misconceptions about waterproofing. You Can Fix the Problem Yourself

Waterproof paint is a good start, but it doesn't deliver the same results as professionals can. Paint can stop some moisture from leaking in, but it doesn't keep it out as well as a professional waterproof multi-level approach. As a novice, it's likely that you'll miss spots while painting, or use the wrong type of paint for your basement. Instead of doing it yourself and being frustrated with the results, hire a professional from the beginning.

The Solution Is Short Term

There is a misconception that professional waterproofing doesn't last for a long time. Unlike waterproof paint used by homeowners, professional waterproofing for your basement can last well beyond a single decade. A professional service uses repair techniques that are meant to stand the test of time to keep your basement dry. If you want truly long-lasting results, have a basement waterproofing company do the work.

Any Contractor Can Do The Job

Basement waterproofing is an acquired specialty skill. It takes experience to develop the specific skill set to waterproof a basement and do it correctly. It is not a job that just anyone can do, even if they're an experienced general contractor. Professional waterproofing companies use specialized equipment and materials to complete the project that the average handyman won't own. You want to choose a professional, experienced team for your waterproofing needs.

It's Not Worth the Cost

It's fair to wonder if it's truly worth investing in basement waterproofing, especially if you've never had problems with moisture in your basement. However, any future water damage or mold will quickly show you how much more costly it is to undo water damage in your home and replace items in your basement. To save money in the long term, have your basement waterproofed.

These are just a few misconceptions you may have seen about basement waterproofing. Are you ready to waterproof your basement? Call A Quick Dry Solution for more information or to get started with our services.

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